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We have developed a software "Inventus" which is a powerful tool for in-silico research. Novo Informatics vision is to provide innovative & cost effective methodologies or tools for conducting in-silico research in domains of drug discovery. Our ideal future vision is to provide this technology in hands of researchers, young students with strong usability. In order to accomplish it, we are in process of revitalizing our business model for higher value proposition.

Instead of standalone software for machines at present, we will develop cloud based platform as SAAS model for conducting research as per subscription of no. of jobs or licensing as per no. of hours. Not only in Asia, scientific community will use it across world by hassle free issue of securing IP. On the other hand, under non-profit wing, we will releasing student version with easy to understand literature for conducting research at basic and advance level. With this our team believe, developing foundation at initial level will help scientific community to fight against widespread diseases. In-silico drug discovery has been practiced globally past 10-15 years but still hardly few drugs cleared trials and FDA compliance.

The reason lies in scientific models which lack accuracy as well as lack of in-depth innovative tools for understand complex environment of drug and protein interactions. We have developed "Inventus" after 10 years of research and validations with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. This technology not only helps you understand proteins molecules physiology and interactions with drugs but also provides you in depth information about chemical moieties absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion data per second in body. This uniqueness has helps a researcher to analyze facts whether drugs will pass Phase 1 clinical trials or not. It not only saves time but huge amount of cost involved in trials. These products are very expensive in market with only option of licensing out for min. 1 year. 80% of academic struggle to use such expensive products for research. Our focus is to develop SAAS (Software as a Service) based web model wherein research can use product as per single job or as per no. of minutes. It will only saves money but will also increase usability at deeper levels.

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Novo Informatics is a Life Science based R&D Company with a mission to develop Biological Software for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies and Research academics as well as serving clients in area of Target Modeling & Drug Discovery.

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