Educating Students and young Researchers

In silico drug designing is comparatively new and evolving field therefore young researchers and students are required to be trained to conduct research in proper direction. We conduct workshops on our technology “INVENTUS” to train fellow researchers in drug designing area. These workshops are conducted at various institutes/colleges and research organizations. A team of expert researchers from Novo Informatics are assigned for conducting these workshops.

Candidates are also worked and given hands on practice on live project based on recent research problems. We also provide extended post workshop training to interested candidate at our office as per the company requirement. We are associated with BCIL (Biotech Consortium India Limited) to provide training of 6 months to graduate and post graduate students.

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Novo Informatics is a Life Science based R&D Company with a mission to develop Biological Software for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies and Research academics as well as serving clients in area of Target Modeling & Drug Discovery.

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